The Tape (1986)
Also by
Tanya Reichard-Voorhees

Tanya sez:
"The Tape" was recorded in an LSU dorm room in the fall of 1985 with an RCA boom box at the request of a classmate, Carla Boullion. Carla attended another college (Northwestern State University in Natchitoches), had a radio show and promised plenty of airplay. My dearest friends (Shelley, Cyndi, Karen, Chrissy, Britt, Budweiser and Mary Jane) and I got as together as we could and pressed the record button.

Copy after copy changed hands for many years after the original radio show aired. Also, the legend behind the tape's origins began to grow to mythic proportions! These low-quality recordings became the soundtrack to many LSMSA graduates' High School experience, unbeknownst to me until many years later.

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 1. Summer's End
 2. The Key
 3. Man In Armor
 4. City Of Dreams
 5. Knowing
 6. Forever
 7. Lights Of New York
 8. Medicine For Melancholy
 9. Moon Song
10. Homecoming
11. Unknown Artists